#SG02 : 48SHEET

As part of the internationally renowned 48SHEET project I was contacted by photographer Candice Smith. She asked whether I would create a piece of Sonic Graffiti to accompany her work as part of 48SHEET.

The aim was to mimic the abstraction Candice achieves with her work through temporal manipulations. This is based on a single field-recording taken in the market. The layers include two extreme time-stretched segments (100x and 24x), providing the dense drones, an EQ'd but otherwise un-effected sample, providing the spoken word elements, and a chopped up version, providing the rhythmical content.

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Thanks to Candice Smith and 48SHEET for this opportunity.

#SG02 : 48SHEET

  1. Meat  52°28'29.37"N, -001°53'42.045"W - DOWNLOAD